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Overindulged last night? No problem!

This infusion includes all of the hydration you need with B-Complex, B12 and an option to add on Toradol for that crushing headache and Zofran for that queezy feeling. ($15 per addition)


Just looking for simple hydration?  

This drip is just what your body needs.

Balancing Rocks


 The Myer's Cocktail includes a liter of fluids, Vitamin C, B-Complex, magnesium and zinc.  

If you are feeling run-down or fatigued, or just need a reset, this infusion is the one you need to feel refreshed.

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Want a little Wellness in your day but don't have time for full hydration?

Hop on the Express and get a combination of Magnesium, Zinc, B-Complex, B12 and Vitamin C in half of the fluid.  This "Lunch Break Drip" will have you in and out in 45 minutes.

FREQUENCY: Recommended weekly.




Arginine, Magnesium, B-Complex will relax and dilate  your blood vessels to support your mood AND your blood pressure.  
PRO-TIP:  Add on TAURINE, a super antioxidant known for liver support, cardiovascular health, and anxiety relief.


Wind in the Hair


This infusion is designed to make your skin GLOW and your hair and nails GROW! Give yourself a lasting beautiful glow and support strong soft tissue growth with Vitamin C, B-Complex, Biotin,  Glutathione, PLUS hydration to help detoxify your body and improve your complexion to help you look and feel your best!

FREQUENCY: Recommended once a week for 6 weeks

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The Immunity Booster includes hydration and has lots of Vitamin C and Zinc. During periods of increased illness whether it's COVID, flu season, back to school or travel, we recommend this infusion weekly. This infusion includes a free high-dose B12 to give you a little post-infusion energy boost.


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​This anti-aging formula includes all the hydration your skin needs along with B-Complex, Vitamin C, and B12.  The addition of one of your body's most amazing natural protective substances, glutathione, gives this infusion super antioxidant and anti-aging powers.

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​​This one is for the gym rat; the endurance athlete; the weightlifter; the fighter; or any fitness enthusiast who wants to boost their performance and activity tolerance.  An amino blend, B-Complex, B12,  and Taurine with hydration is just the weapon you need in your Superhero tool belt.

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Recovery and repair so you can get back at it stronger and faster. Use this formula after a competition or event, surgery or illness, or to help decrease inflammation. The infusion combines hydration with electrolytes, Amino Acids, mineral blend,  and Vitamin C with B-Complex, B12, AND the master antioxidant, glutathione to relieve all of your physical stress. 

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This 30 minute IV floods your cells with the anti-inflammatory power of Vitamin C and the antioxidizing powers of glutathione to decrease inflammation and rid your body of free radicals destined to cause damage.  Magnesium is added to potentiate the effects of this infusion great for anyone suffering from an autoimmune disorder.

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This 30 minute IV uses Glutamine, an amino acid which  plays a key role in fueling the body’s natural healing processes and healthy organ function.  Maintaining adequate levels of L-glutamine is critical to maintaining a healthy immune system and supporting the body’s ability to heal itself.

Within the intestines lie trillions of bacteria that impact immune health. These specific bacteria prevent harmful bacteria or toxins from traveling through the intestines and into the rest of the body. Glutamine helps to support the intestinal cells and maintain the barrier between the intestines and the rest of the body.

Girl Running in Field at Sunset


This 30 minute IV uses glycine and carnitine, two amino acids which increase insulin sensitivity to help regulate blood sugar levels and protect against oxidative stress.  These compounds can help speed metabolism to aid in weight loss, but are also important for heart health and brain function, improving cognitive performance and reducing risk of heart disease.

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