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Michelle Wallweber, MSN, RN
Founder & Experienced Registered Nurse 

After 20 years as a Registered Nurse with 9 of those coordinating infusion centers and more than 2 years teaching IV Therapy in a nursing program, The Drip Factor gives me the opportunity to combine what I KNOW with what I LOVE! As I continue to work through another graduate program, this time in the Family Nurse Practitioner Track, my ultimate vision is for a Functional Medicine Practice which incorporates IV Therapy.


Deb, RN
Licensed Nurse



Deb is a 26- year veteran RN whose mission is perfectly aligned with The Drip Factor. Serving her community in a variety of formats, most recently in the Emergency Department, Deb brings her clinical judgement skills, her ability to be empathic and understanding, and to connect with other people to discover what their true health goals are.


Equally as frustrated with our healthcare system, Deb has a bright vision for our future and is currently enrolled in a Functional Medicine course so that she can offer practical, evidence-based solutions to common health issues.

Our MISSION is to deliver an affordable, quality, personalized,  informative service to those who strive for optimal health.


Our VISION is to educate and inform, so that through supplemental nutrition  people will experience relief from chronic symptoms and achieve enhanced overall well being.


Our VALUES are safety, integrity, and quality.  We source from only quality pharmacies and employ only Registered Nurses with the highest standards and reputations.

If this is your first infusion, call or text to discuss your goals of therapy and ensure there are no contraindications or precautions to receiving therapy.  

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